Films on Fridges, Outdoor Cinema Made From Discarded Refrigerators

Night in Hackney

Film on Fridges Entrance

Films on Fridges is a film festival that is taking place through August 13th in a temporary outdoor cinema created out of discarded refrigerators located in East London that was inspired by “Fridge Mountain” in Hackney.

The project was inspired by the disappearance of East London’s ‘Fridge Mountain’ – an enormous pile of discarded fridges which previously occupied the London 2012 Olympic site. Towering nearly 20 feet tall, the largest ‘Fridge Mountain’ in all of Europe became a bizzare sculpture in the East London landscape.

Films on Fridges resurrects this industrial icon in the form of a playful and interactive outdoor pop-up cinema. In celebration of the upcoming Olympics, the cinema will screen films athletic in nature.

via Guardian & Colossal

photos by Nina Pope