FIGMENT NYC 2010, A Celebration of Participatory Art & Culture on Governors Island


FIGMENT NYC 2010 is a free, annual celebration of participatory art and culture that takes place on Governors Island in New York City June 11-13.

FIGMENT celebrates an abundance of creativity and passion, challenging artists and our communities to find new ways to create, share, think, and dream.

1000 Pieces

The Animus Collective describes their “1000 Pieces” project which debuts at Figment.

The three goals of “1000 Pieces” are: 1) to be a fully interactive and evolving beautiful public sculpture on New York City’s Governors Island, in the season long sculpture garden; 2) to bring a large-scale artwork to Figment, the free, annual, participatory arts festival; and 3) to work with two New York City public schools to manifest integral elements of the sculpture.

via Burning Man