FERRO, A Stunning Short Film That Uses Iron Filings to Depict a Deadly Night in the Snowy Mountains

While working their website, the Barcelona design studio Norte stumbled across the wonderful snowy effect that charged iron filings made and from there created Ferro a deadly mountainous mystery around that particular feature.

A menacing storm on a mountainous wasteland. A lone boat sways slowly in the middle of a lake. A shot breaks the silence in a deep forest . Someone lies dead on the cold snow…
‘Ferro’ is the first personal project from Norte Estudio. A dream trip to an exotic landscape of Scandinavian reminiscences but it is also anomalous and threatening, a place made up of foreign matter in constant movement that challenges the laws of gravity.

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Wonderful behind-the-scenes footage showing how “Ferro” was made.

‘Ferro’ is the first personal project from Norte Estudio. It started as a photographic branding project for our website, using iron filings as primary material. But while we were shooting we realised that those images, taken with macro lenses, became kind of nordic landscapes. So we considered making an audiovisual project. We mixed live footage and CGI, generating a bunch of dreamy landscapes that we match on a short film.

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