An Excited Ferret Repeatedly Drags Her Human’s Hand Over to the Box Holding Her Newborn Babies

Ferret Dragging Human Hand

A very excited ferret mum repeatedly dragged her human’s hand with her mouth over to the box holding her tiny newborn babies. Each time the human removed his hand from the box, the anxious mother dragged it back again. Although it appears that she wanted her human to babysit her young ones, a ferret breeder commented that the behavior was a little more primal than it first appears.

That (showing the human her babies) is not what is going on here. People often ascribe human behaviors and attributes to animals. The ferret mom shown has kits that need to be fed prey. She is dragging the human hand to the nest because it is an instinct to take prey to the nest/kits. …If the kits are hungry and she feels that she has inadequate milk, the jill will be frantic to feed them. This is just nature, and the hand is the best she could do to satisfy instinct in this situation. Kits crying like that is a sign of hunger, making her more frantic.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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