‘Fantasy Football’, T-Shirt Designs Featuring Legendary Fantasy-Themed Creatures as Sports Mascots

Kansas City Krakens by Wheels03
Kansas City Krakens by Kenneth “Wheels03” Wheeler

Fantasy Football is a collection of 32 T-shirt designs by talented artists that feature legendary fantasy-themed creatures as sports mascots. They are available to purchase online until September 25th, 2014 at Shirt.Woot.

Arizona Jackalopes by kdubbs29
Arizona Jackalopes by Kevin “kdubbs29” Werther

Seattle Sasquatches by Blair Sayer
Seattle Sasquatches by Blair Sayer

Denver Unicorns by Radscoolian
Denver Unicorns by Stephen “Radscoolian” Dye

Buffalo Beholders by ApeLad
Buffalo Beholders by Adam “ApeLad” Koford

images via Shirt.Woot

via Adam Koford