Family Creates a Home Grocery Store So 87 Year Old Grandmother With Alzheimer’s Can Stick to Her Routine

Like so many others around the world, Australian filmmaker Jason van Genderen, his wife Megan and their three children have been staying safely at home. This wouldn’t normally present too much of a problem in and of itself, however, the van Genderens also care for Jason’s mother Hendrika full-time.

Hendrika is 87 years old and has both Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. These diseases require that she adhere to a regular schedule in order to maintain cognitive function. Because Hendrika can’t go to the grocery store, the van Genderen family brought the grocery store to her at home. The entire family worked the store while Hendrika shopped for her favorite goods.

My wife Megan, baby daughter Evie and son Art staffed our own home-made supermarket stocked with her favourite groceries. My eldest son Levi filmed this on his iPhone…Whatever your challenge at home, whatever your family situation, please remember to let some sunshine through. From our little imperfect family to yours, stay safe and may kindness keep you well.