Famed Author Waxes Philosophically About Life at 97

“Being 97” by Andrew Hasse of Futuremagic is a short, somewhat heartbreaking film about Dr. Herbert Fingarette, renowned author, philosopher and emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of California Santa Barbara, who, at the age of 97, began questioning the purpose of his existence. In asking these questions, Finagrette examined what he’d written in the past and wondered aloud if he had been deceiving himself all along.

Dr. Herbert Fingarette is a philosopher who’s tackled many topics: Confucius, psychoanalysis, alcoholism, self-deception, responsibility, death. In each case, he thought he’d ‘solved the problem’. Now, he’s grappling with a question that can’t be answered: what is the meaning of life in the shadow of impending death?

Dr. Herbert Fingarette passed away on November 2, 2018, at the age of 97 years old. RIP sir.