Man Shares a Philosophy of Self-Discipline While His Head Constantly Changes in a Surreal Short Film

Filmmakers Jan Riesenbeck and Dennis Stein-Schomburg have created “Facelift”, a surreal short film about a talking head describing his philosophy for self-discipline and self-optimization.

As the man describes each aspect of this thought process, his head takes on different features. A bird exits his brain, his skull comes apart in a mechanical his teeth turn into piano keys and a tree even begins to sprout out of his forehead.

A man introduces us to his philosophy of self-optimization while his head is turning into a machine, a tree and other appearances. He thinks it’s important to have a varied life, because he is doing the same thing everyday. “The most wonderful thing you can possibly do is not answer the phone.“ But he answers anyway.

Facelift Mechanical Seperating Head

Facelift Tree Head

via The Awesomer

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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