Facebook Scrapbook, A New Way for Parents to Tag and Organize Photographs of Their Children

Facebook Scrapbook is a new way for parents who use the social media platform to tag and organize photographs of their children, and to share those photographs with loved ones.

Scrapbooks can be co-owned by a couple in a relationship on Facebook, and those two people are the only two who can tag photos of the child. The name of the tag can be anything including the child’s real name or nickname, and the Scrapbook only includes photos the couple select.

Users can create a Scrapbook for their child by going to the “About” section of their profile, selecting “Family and Relationships,” and selecting the “Create a Scrapbook for Your Child” option. The feature can also be used to create a Scrapbook for another common subject Facebook users post photographs of–pets.

Facebook product manager Dan Barak, who worked on the feature, wrote in the announcement about why he felt the need for Facebook Scrapbook.

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed the more pictures I shared of my son on Facebook, the more scattered they became across my different photo albums—I needed a better way to organize them. And, I found myself tagging my wife in photos of my son so her friends could see them, too.

Facebook Scrapbook

Facebook Scrapbook 3

Facebook Scrapbook 2

images via Facebook Newsroom