Fabulously Flamboyant 17th Century-Style Wigs That Can Be Custom Made For Any Occasion


Stacy Vest of Sweet Hayseed’s Wearable Wonders has crafted a fun line of fabulously flamboyant, highly creative, modernized 17th-century style wigs that can be custom ordered for any occasion through the Sweet Hayseed Etsy shop. A retail line of wigs are also available for purchase online and in-store at Chicken Lays an EGG and Shrewdness of Apes, both in Cincinnati, Ohio.

With any event just around the corner Sweet Hayseed’s specializes in unique wearables for men and women for all occasions. Concept your own personal wig and hat or leave the scheming to me. I design and style wigs and costumes for any occasion! From the tame realistic look to something out of this world. I’m always up for a challenge. If you are interested in a custom wig for your event please contact me about price quotes and for examples of my work in the past.

Red Pollard



Little Horses

photos via Sweet Hayseed’s Wearable Wonders

via So Souper Awesome

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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