Fabratastic, A Tailoring Service That Makes Heartfelt Custom Pillows From the Shirts of Loved Ones


Fabratastic is a British tailoring service that creates heartfelt custom memory pillows from the shirts of those loved ones who either far away or deceased. The material can be from any type of shirt (button down, polo, night shirt) and the optional message can be written in any color.

Made from an old shirt. Wording can be anything in any colour …I’m UK based but I can ship. It’s £20 if in the UK or £30 if internationally (note British pounds which is $45) …The verse can say anything you like. Payment is through PayPal or a cheque for UK only

Unfortunately, Fabratastic UK closed their books at the end of October and but will start taking orders again after the new year 2016.




images via Fabratastic UK

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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