Exuberant 7-Year Old Piano Prodigy Hams It Up on ‘Ellen’

Elias Phoenix, an exuberant 7-Year old piano prodigy from Florida, made quite an impression on Ellen long before he ever got near the piano. His palpable excitement was infectious and when asked about his dreams, he breathlessly responded that they were both accomplished – playing Carnegie Hall and meeting Ellen. Ellen being the gracious host she is, followed Elias’ lead during the entire interview, welcoming his 7-year old energy and his hugs.

Later in the program, Elias’ twin brother Zion joined him onstage to sing a a version of Kanye West‘s 2005 hit Gold Digger. While Zion was a only slightly more subdued than Elias, he did tell Ellen about how they perform at nursing homes during the weekends.

videos via The Ellen Show