Extreme Yoga Guru Performs A Serious of Complex Poses While Riding a Speeding Motorcycle

Gugulotu Lachiram, a 40-year farmer from the Khammam District in the Telangana state of India has mastered the incredible art of performing complex yoga poses while riding on a speeding motorcycle. His love for both sports made it easy for him to put them together.

Lachiram, a farmer by profession, has been a keen sportsman since his childhood.Two of his great loves are motorbike riding and yoga –and one day six years ago he was inspired to combine them. Lachiram does his yoga exercises for 2 hours every day, and can perform several yoga-inspired poses on his speeding motorbike. Reaching speeds of 60km/hr and covering distances of up to 5km, his daredevil act has brought him some fame in his hometown.