Exploring The Physical & Sociological Effects of Laughter

Neuroscientist Dr. Robert Provine examines the physical and sociological effect that laughter has had on individuals and society throughout the ages in this thought-provoking video from The Atlantic.

yeah I’m to he didn’t plan is just happening in our feel-good be happy society we always associate laughter with positive things forgetting that laughter also has a dark side. It’s great laughing with friends, family or lovers but it can be painful or even dangerous if you’re laughing at someone or they’re laughing at you. In fact the power and danger of laughter was something that was a central reason for the interest of ancients, such as Plato and Aristotle. They weren’t interested how to perform better stand up they wanted to learn about laughter and humor and to control it because they were aware that laughter could lead to only disrespect for authority and the overthrow state.