Everpurse, A Purse That Charges Your Phone

The Everpurse is a purse that allows you to charge your phone without the need for external batteries or cords.

Everpurse has a special charging pocket into which you place your smartphone. Our patent-pending docking system guides your phone smoothly onto a dock connector at the bottom—so you don’t have to fish for a cord! To charge Everpurse itself, you can simply place Everpurse on its charging mat. It uses inductive charging to send energy wirelessly from the mat to the purse, so you never have to plug the purse in! You can leave a charging mat plugged in wherever it’s convenient for you—at work, at home, wherever—and drop Everpurse onto it when it needs charging.

The Everpurse comes in both leather and cloth in a number of colors and can be purchased directly on the Everpurse site.

Assorted Everpurse Styles

Aquamarine Cloth Purse

Everpurse Open

Everpurse with Charging Mat

via Netted, David-Michel Davies