Ethiopian Circus Performer Sets World Record for the Fastest 100 Meters on Forearm Crutches

Tameru Zegeye, an Ethiopian circus performer who lives in Germany, set a Guinness World Record when he covered 100 meters in 57 seconds in a handstand position on forearm crutches. Zegeye was born with deformed feet and unable to use his legs, but has made an art out of using his crutches. Needless to say, Zegeye is very proud of all he has accomplished.

I feel really very very happy because I am one of the Guinness World Records holders … I am unique, this is my unique talent… Everything is possible.

Zegeye masterly performing his circus act.

Fastest 100m on Forearm Crutches Fastest 100m on Forearm Crutches

images via Guinness World Records