Episode One and Two of the Animated Web Series ‘Bee and PuppyCat’ Released on YouTube by Cartoon Hangover

Food” (Episode 1) and “Farmer” (Episode 2) of the fun animated web series Bee and PuppyCat has now been released on YouTube by Cartoon Hangover. We recently wrote about the anticipated premiere of animator Natasha Allegri and Frederator Studios‘ wild adventures of a girl named Bee and her cute yet mysterious companion PuppyCat.

Episode One – “Food”:
One morning Bee wakes from a dream and is starving. New recipe in hand Bee and PuppyCat head to the store and then to cook with Deckard. Oh yeah – there’s a talking cicada.

Episode Two – “Farmer”:
After receiving a new assignment from TempBot, and in new uniforms (magic pockets included), Bee and PuppyCat slide into a farming job on Jelly Cube Planet.