English Bull Terrier Spins in Frantic Circles While Running Around Erratically on His Human’s Bed

An absolutely adorable English Bull Terrier spins in frantic circles while running around erratically on his human’s bed. This process is known as “hucklebutting,” a behavior that is unique to the breed.

It is variously called ‘freaking’, a ‘mad five’ or in the USA ‘hucklebutting’. The dog suddenly takes off at full speed and sprints all over the house, round rooms, in and out of furniture, often in a figure of eight. The best ‘freaks’ involve going at full speed head first towards a wall/door/piece of furniture, and then at the last minute doing a half turn to slam sideways into the obstacle, bouncing off it and then continuing at full speed. This activity usually last for two or three minutes only, though it can be triggered or prolonged with a little encouragement.

via Care2