Engineer Recreates Colorful Illustration of Over 70 Classic Cocktails in AutoCAD 360

Auto CAD Cocktails

Engineer Shaan Hurley has created a clever and informative chart of over 70 classic cocktails, made in AutoCad 360. Shaan said that he was inspired by Florian Römhild’s 2010 illustration.

I first found this drawing years ago when it was a test DWG file for a plotter company. A couple years back Florian Römhild …re-drew the guide in DWG format and a few others have also modified the popular drawing like the Whisky Drinks version. I figured I would place the drawing for all to have fun viewing in AutoCAD 360.

Engineers Guide to Drinks DWG

images via Shaan Hurley, Florian Römhild

via Fast Co Design, Swiss Miss