The Familiar Process of Endlessly Scrolling Through Netflix In Order to Just Find Something to Watch

In a hilarious video that hits close to home, vlogger James Rolfe of Cinemassacre shares the familiar process of scrolling endlessly through Netflix just to find something to watch. As Rolfe notes, it’s not that there isn’t enough to choose from, but at times the sheer volume of available titles and the oddly categorized genres can be overwhelming. Additionally, as Rolfe discovers, sometimes a search for a specific title shows that it is not and/or no longer available, but that fact is only revealed by a list of suggested shows similar to the original show.

I’m gonna throw Netflix an easy one here ‘Forrest Gump’. You know what I know it was on there. I saw it on there I saw it with my own eyes and it’s gone. …speaking of TV shows that I’ve never seen because I’m not big on TV, I haven’t seen a lot of these. ‘Lost’. I know lost is on you I know for a fact. I even have it in my list I’m sure of it. Okay ‘Lost’ that’s gone to guess I lost my chance and you know what, I’m not hopping back and forth between Hulu and Amazon Prime. …I just want to log into one thing