Traumatized Elephants Saved From Poaching Learn to Trust Their Instincts Again

BBC Earth shared incredibly touching footage of traumatized elephants in southeastern Chad, who were saved from poaching by brave rangers at Zakouma National Park, as they learned to trust themselves and their instincts again.

Elephants are now thriving in Zakouma National Park thanks to a ban on poaching.

The act of poaching created such anxiety amongst the herd that they stopped breeding. Some were even living with bullets under their thick skin. Luckily, there were some really remarkable rangers who put a stop to poachers by banning the practice. This in turn, brought the elephants back from the brink of extinction and back to themselves.

Formerly on the brink of extinction, teams of courageous rangers are dedicating their lives to protect their population, and these elephants are learning to trust once more.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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