A Concerned Elephant Gently Guides a Stubbornly Playful Calf Away From the Playground To Eat

Time to Eat

A concerned elephant named Dok Mai who lives at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, very gently guided a reluctant calf away from the swinging tires of the playground and towards the area where their meal was being served. The stubbornly playful young pachyderm put up a bit of a fight, but eventually succumbed to the wishes of the herd and the call of food.

Dok Mai knows a general life principle, that food tastes better when eaten with your family. Dok Mai chastises the young and energetic boy for lingering too long away from the feasting family. The truant lad returns to the herd, albeit grudgingly at first…

Playful Baby Elephant Crosses Trunks with Mum