Elementary School Night Custodian Surprises Students With Rug Art Designed Using a Vacuum

Ron Munsey, a Bedford, New Hampshire night custodian at Peter Woodbury Elementary School, delightfully surprises the students by creating playful rug art designs each day with his vacuum cleaner. His entire collection of rug designs are available to view on the Peter Woodbury School News blog.

Mr. Munsey is new to Peter Woodbury this year. He is a night custodian who goes that extra mile for our students. Mr. Munsey takes time to vacuum patterns into a couple of classroom rugs at PWS. Students look forward to coming to school in the morning and seeing what he created the night before. It really is true . . . every person in a school touches students’ lives!







images via Peter Woodbury School News

via WSB-TV, Woman’s Day, Neatorama