An Entertaining Musical Performance Featuring Inventive Instruments Made From Recycled Electronics

Electronicos Fantasticos, the creative band fronted by electronic artist Ei Wada and known for their highly inventive musical instruments, performed a catchy, original song utilizing the electric fan harp, CRTelecaster, the bar code scanner, a retro monitor bass, CRT-TV Drums and other incredible instruments made from recycled electronics.

Ei Wada – CRTelecaster
Maiko Aoyama – TV Drums
Akira Ataka – Barcoder
Manami Tada – Emergency Beller
Rika Kawashima – Telelele
Sampei Yamaguchi – TV O-daiko
Etsuko Ichihara – TV O-daiko
Sonosuke Yamamoto – Electric Fan Harp
Kitsu Kaori – Vocal