Using a Copper Coil and Neodymium Magnets to Make Three Different AA Batteries Race Against Each Other

Czech vlogger Mr. Michal set up an amusing set of experiments in which he uses coiled copper wire and circular neodymium magnets to make AA batteries races against each other, follow one another and even ride around a continuous loop for as long as the battery lasts. This simple electromagnetic setup makes for hours of good fun.

Which of the batteries do you think will be the fastest? You can be very surprised at the result.
If you like trains, then the simple electric train will be very enjoyable for you. The electromagnetic track is very fun.
you need these three parts to making the track.
1. copper wire raw
2. battery ( AAA, AA or C )
3. and two neodymium magnets ( it must be larger in diameter than battery )
If you have all the components so the fun can start.

via The Awesomer