Incredible Electric Fan Instrument That Can Be Played Either Like a Guitar or an Upright Bass

Electronicos Fantasticos is a highly inventive band fronted by electronic artist Ei Wada. Each of the band’s instruments is made by the Open Reel Ensemble (previously) from recycled electronics, such as a retro-monitor bass called a Telele, a bar-coder, CRT-TV Drums and an incredible electric fan harp that’s played like a guitar or an upright bass.

By attaching a disk with holes to the fan, it converts blinks of lights to electric signals and generates sound from a bass amplifier. Different numbers of holes can generate a musical scale, and turning on/off of the power makes it roar.

The band explains the idea behind each of these instruments.

(translated) Once we dismantle old consumer electronics, we realize the condensed wisdom of pioneers and the interesting and mysterious scientific / physics phenomenon hidden inside these objects. By transferring these into electronic musical instruments, a sound like a groan of electronics begins to echo. Old consumer electronics come to life as yokai—supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore, sometimes they appear as spirits of abandoned tools.

Playing Electric Fan

Electric Fan Harp Electronicos Fantasticos

Here are some of the other instruments that have been created.

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