‘Eat & Drink & Poop & Pee.’, A Brilliant Design by Justin Page Inspired by a Classic Beatles T-Shirt

eat drink poop pee 1

Eat & Drink & Poop & Pee.” is a brilliant design by artist and Laughing Squid senior contributing writer Justin Page. The design is inspired by the classic “John & Paul & Ringo & George.Beatles T-shirt by Experimental Jetset.

The design is available on a variety of products through Page’s Society6 store.

So I made this thing. I love the word poop (obviously) and decided to use it for good (kind of). The poopy design is available to purchase as a shirt, print, coffee mug,pillow, iPhone/iPad cases, and more at my Society6 store. Poop!

eat drink poop pee 2

eat drink poop pee 3

eat drink poop pee 4

eat drink poop pee 5

images via Justin Page

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