Hypnotic Animated Timelapses Showing Which Way the World’s Surface Winds Blew During a Tumultuous 2018


As he did in previous years, engineer Cameron Beccario of NullSchool has created mesmerizing timelapses in calming blues and greens showing ocean surface wind patterns over both the North Atlantic and the Asia Pacific during the whole of 2018 using weather modeling data from the National Weather Service.

This animation shows a full, one year time lapse animation of surface winds from Jan 1, 2018 until Jan 1, 2019. The data come from the National Weather Service’s GFS numerical weather model…Blue colors represent slower winds. Greens and yellows are faster winds. Streamlines show the direction of the wind in each frame of the animation.

Per Beccario, the year proved to be incredibly challenging to document due to a tumultuous year of storms, but he carried it off quite successfully once again.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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