Ear Climbers, Sterling Silver Ear Jewelry That Gives the Illusion of Multiple Piercings Without the Pain


British jeweler Nahrena Kohli has created a line of wonderfully modern sterling silver “Ear Climbers” that truly give the illusion that the person wearing them has more piercings than they actually do. The Ear Climbers come in four styles: triangle, square, circle and heart an are available through the Otis Jaxon Etsy store.

This modern on-trend innovative design ingeniously blends earring and ear cuff to give you a geometric designer look without the pain of multiple piercings! …Simply insert these earrings through your normal lobe piercing as if you were wearing them as drop earrings – then twist them upwards and put in place in the dip at the top of your ear. Easy as that! They rest comfortably in the curve – no extra piercings needed!