How Dwight Schrute of ‘The Office’ Grew to Accept Others While Marching to the Beat of His Own Drum

In their ongoing analysis of the popular series The Office, Debra Minoff and Susannah McCullough of ScreenPrism analyzed the highly abrasive but very independent spirit of Dwight K. Schrute. There’s no doubt that Dwight is eccentric, territorial and even violent, but at the same time he doesn’t care what other people think, particularly since they’re not worth his time. He’ll say whatever is on his mind without caring who is offended, he values loyalty from people above all else, and is very averse to change unless it is to his own benefit. Yet over the course of the series, Dwight finds himself maturing as he gets everything he wants – the job, the girl and a close group of friends from the office.

There’s no one on the office quite so wonderfully weird as Dwight K Schrute. Most of us like the idea of being our own person, of going our own way, but how many of us actually have the guts to. Dwight is so instinctively and winningly himself that he seems to have almost no self and he truly doesn’t care what people think. why should he when he believes most people are clueless idiots?