Dropbox Announces a Photo Gallery Service, Dropbox for Business Integration, and Mailbox Improvements

File-sharing service Dropbox today dropped a series of announcements at an event in San Francisco, California about the future of the company, including the reveal of Carousel, their new photo gallery service.

Carousel is an easy-to-use gallery for photos and videos that combines the ones from a user’s Dropbox with those on their phone and backs the whole thing up. Carousel also includes a private conversation function that allows these to be easily shared. The app is currently available for iOS and Android.

In addition to the photo and video gallery service, Dropbox for Business is now integrated into traditional Dropbox accounts and available to everyone. Both Dropboxes are available from any of a user’s devices. They also announced a new “Project Harmony” initiative that will allow users to see those editing a file, converse with them, and keep copies in sync inside apps.

It was also announced that Mailbox, which is Dropbox’s mobile email offering, is now officially available on Android, and has updated to include an “Auto-swipe” service that learns from a user’s common behaviors to automate tasks like certain routing and snoozes. They also announced a private beta for Mailbox for Mac, a desktop companion to their already available mobile app.

Dropbox Carousel

Dropbox Project Harmony
Project Harmony

Mailbox for Android
Mailbox for Android