800 LED Equipped Drones Fly in the Shape of a Giant Airplane and Other Aircraft in Nanchang City, China

In a dazzling display at an air show at the T-Motor headquarters in Nanchang City, China, 800 LED equipped drones took off into the sky to form a variety of different coordinated shapes. This included a propellor plane, a helicopter, a fighter jet, and a magnificent giant passenger airplane. Air travel is extremely important in the area as Nanchang Changbei International Airport is one of the busiest in the world and was where the first airplane in China departed.

T-MOTOR HQ locates in Nanchang city, where the first Airplane of The People’s Republic of China took off.

Propellor Plane at T Motor Airshow 800 Drones

Helicopter and Fighter Jet 800 Drones T Motor

Passenger Plane Reflection LED 800 Drones T Motor

via The Awesomer