Fierce Dragon Woven From Palm Leaves With Kinetic Noise Making Tail Keeps Watch Over Okinawa Home

Japanese artist Ayako Nakamura crafted an impressively fierce folklore dragon with a fringy tail that makes noise with the wind to watch over a house on the island city of Uruma, Okinawa where the Shimada Art Festival takes place.

The artist wove the body of the dragon out of kuba, a sturdy textile that is made from the fiber within the leaves of the Raphia Vinifera Palm, while the tail and head were built out of wood and straw. Ayako called this piece “Ryugu Castle” in reference to the traditional underwater dragon god Ryūjin.

(translated) This powerful dragon is located in an old private house standing a little high overlooking the village. Every time the wind blows, Kuba, which is used in the body of the dragon, will be amazed by the swaying noise. A sense of reality that seems to start moving and a strong look.
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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