Dr. Creep Recovery Fund, Blog & Twitter Account

Dr. Creep
photo by unknown

A few weeks back I wrote about my friend Dr. Creep (aka Barry Hobart), the horror host of Shock Theatre in Dayton, OH, who was a childhood influence as I was growing up. Dr. Creep has been going through a rough time lately, experiencing some health and financial difficulties. I recently went out to visit him in Dayton and we talked about ways to improve his web presence and also raise funds for his recovery.

I’m working on getting access to drcreep.com in order to make a few updates, but in the meantime I’ve setup a blog for Dr. Creep so that we can post the occasional update and I’ve created a Dr. Creep Twitter account which I will update as well.

Dr. Creep Recovery Fund

video still of Dr. Creep and my Mom as a nurse in the 1970’s on the set of Shock Theatre

I’ve also setup a Dr. Creep Recovery Fund, where donations can be made via PayPal.

If you are in the Dayton area this weekend, there is a Dr. Creep Benefit Show taking place this Saturday, July 18th in Springfield.