dOvetastic Microwave Theater, Long-Running Series Where Unusual Things Get Microwaved

Microwaved iPHONE 5 #2

The “after” shot of an iPhone 5 after being microwaved by Irwin.

For over six years, artist and “professional microwave operator” Kenny Irwin has been hosting dOvetastic Microwave Theater, a web series on YouTube where he microwaves unusual things. He has nuked all kinds of things including his new Samsung Galaxy S4 (its blackened carcass recently sold on ebay), his “top of the line” Beats by Dr Dre Pro Headphones, a brand new iPhone 5, and lots more. He later sells the damaged goods as artwork on ebay.

I am an artist that creates new forms of art, experiments, innovates and invents. You will find that my microwave series is the largest most prolific collection of exciting microwave videos on the web & Youtube created by a single user. We aim to provide the most visaully spectacular microwaving experiences in HD Wide screen featuring the AMIR 9000 One Ton Microwaving Robot advance technology.

photo and videos by Kenny Irwin

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff