dorkbot-sf #22

Jacob Appelbaum

The next dorkbot-sf is this Wednesday, October 19th. It starts at 7:30pm at takes place at San Francisco State University’s Science Building, Room 210, which is located at 1600 Holloway Avenue in San Francisco.

This month’s presenters are:

Mike Estee – Home Cookin’ with SMT
Michael Shiloh – All My Robots Are Belong To You
Jacob Appelbaum – Finding Uplinks in Unlikely Places

This dorkbot is kind of a mini Webzine 2005 reunion. Michael Shiloh did a demo of the Linux Robot at his Webzine 2005 talk. Jacob Appelbaum, who has been mentioned quite a bit on this blog, was a featured speaker at Webzine 2005.

UPDATE: my photos are now online

photo of Jacob Appelbaum at Bar Camp 05 by Scott Beale