Doorman, A Service That Collects Packages of All Kinds and Delivers Them To You on Demand

Doorman App

Doorman, founded by Zander Adell and Kapil Israni, is a startup in San Francisco designed to receive package deliveries in place of users, and then get them to their ultimate destination based on user-scheduled deliveries.

Doorman is a package delivery scheduling service that allows you to get your online purchases (or anything else) delivered to your door until midnight. You choose the day and time that you want the packages delivered, and you’ll never again see a failed delivery sticker, or need to lug boxes home from work.?

Currently available only in San Francisco, the service costs $7 per delivery. Packages that weigh over 40lbs or measure over three feet a side may incur additional fees. Users can earn free deliveries by promoting the service on Twitter or Facebook.

The Doorman app is currently available on both Android and iOS.

image via Doorman

via Farhad Manjoo