A Confident Skateboarding Dog Expertly Propels Himself Down a Southern California Sidewalk

Skateboarding Dog

A freewheeling mixed breed dog named Bamboo propelled himself down a sidewalk in Southern California, expertly steering, slowing down and re-engaging the board without missing a beat. According to his human, Bamboo has been skating for a number of years.

Bamboo was pretty good after a few weeks but he’s been perfecting his style for about 5 years.? …Bamboo knows how to push with one leg but two goes faster. …Bamboo fully understands how to steer the board…

Bamboo is so skilled that he’s even earned an eponymous electric skateboard line.

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Check this out! The “Bamboo Series” electric skateboard from Evolve! Who would believe a stray puppy rescued from the San Bernardino desert could grow up to be a pro skate dog with his own electric skateboard. This will be great for the ride home after a day of playing hard at dog beach.

Bamboo’s human also posted a video of Bamboo’s first time on a skateboard when he was a puppy.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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