Loyal Dog Warns Human When She’s About to Faint

A loyal Australian shepherd named Bailey watches over his human Katherine, jumping on her to get her to sit down when she’s about to faint. Katherine has POTS, a condition that causes fainting, among other issues, due to an abnormally large increase in heart rate upon standing. Katherine usually feels the effects of her condition when she’s active.

Often times, cleaning or doing other chores easily cause me to have medical episodes. It incredibly frustrating because it takes me significantly longer to complete the tasks. I have to constantly sit down in order to not faint. I live alone and have pets, I have no choice but to clean. Bailey helps warn me prior to fainting, which I am incredibly grateful for.

Bailey also retrieves Katherine’s medications, water, blankets, and sometimes even food from the refrigerator.

Sometimes things do not go perfectly when it comes to Baileys response to my POTS. He could give up, and just lay with me on the floor. But he knows that I need my medicine to get better. He uses his problem solving skills and figures out how to close the door to retrieve my medication. Bailey is my hero.