Dive Bar Tasting Labs Results & Photos

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photo by Scott Beale

At last night’s Dive Bar Tasting Labs, we gathered a frightening array of cheap booze from which many experiments were conducted, data collected and taste buds runied. Our conclusion? Cheap Vodka, even when processed twice through a Brita filter, still tastes like shit. Here’s my photographic documentation of our evening of perverted science and alcoholism, complete with post-apocalyptic backdrop.

Dr. Duncan D’Nuts cautions:

Under no circumstances should these substances be taken while operating heavy machinery or stolen police vehicles. Nursing mothers should exercise caution if unfiltered alcohol is to be ingested along with a prescribed smoking regimen. May cause drowsiness or death. Clinical studies indicate that “Night Train is a mean wine.”

Photo Gallery: Dive Bar Tasting Labs

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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