Disconcerting GIFs Depicting the Various Ways a Human Head Can Be Digitally Deconstructed



Czech graphic artist Adam Pizurny has created a disconcerting series of GIFs that depict a human head undergoing some all sorts of digital manipulation and deconstruction in such ways as dissolving, deflating, duplicating, expanding and even sprouting a bit. According to Pizurny, his inspiration came from a childhood love of art and a need to create.

When I was a kid, I wanted to become an inventor. I fulfilled my dream but in a slightly different way. Throughout my childhood I drew on paper until I discovered graffiti and fell in love with it. Graffiti has opened doors to a wonderful world of discovering type, colors and shapes. Because I grew up alongside a computer, I have started to combine everything I love digitally, and one day someone told me it is called graphic design.




March 9

via The Creators Project