Disabled Ducks Find a Lifelong Friend in Each Other

Goose and Mumbles, an adorable pair of disabled ducks who can swim but cannot walk, have formed an incredible lifelong bond of friendship with each other. They both live at the Here With Us Sanctuary in south-central Pennsylvania, where they and other rescued farm animals live their lives in safety and comfort. Their human Amanda explains that the pair do everything together.

They sleep separate in little beds or next to each other and they’re constantly pecking back and forth at each other. If I’m cleaning their area and I separate them, put one in the other room, they yell for each other.  I always make sure Goose can see Mumbles so that they always have each other. Goose is very feisty.She will let you know if she doesn’t like something.

They even have their own inflatable baby baths where they sit beside each other as they eat and watch cartoons.

Goose and Mumble eating breakfast and watching SpongeBob

If Mumbles is unavailable during the night, Goose relies on her favorite plush stuffed animal for comfort.

She has this little yellow stuffed animal duck that my mom got her and she sleeps with it every night if it falls out of her bed she yells so I know to put the ducky back in her bed with her.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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