Die Old

Die Old

A few web geeks I know are getting really serious about losing weight. Yahoo blogger Jeremy Zawodny was able to lose 50 pounds last year, taking inspiration from The Hacker’s Diet. Chris Pirillo, of Lockergnome/Gnomedex, recently lost 30 pounds in 3 months. Here’s his 50 Weight Loss Tips.

Then there’s my friend David Beach (we just call him “Beach”), who created the excellent blog “die old” in January to help document his “daily aventures of getting in shape”. He’s been posting some really great stuff and along the way helping to inspire others who are taking on the challenge of weight loss. Go Beach!

From Beach’s initial blog post:

I want to use this site as a public forum for my effort. First, I’ll look for the right approach, then I’ll begin the process. I’ll document everything. I will not hide anything. I’ll shoot video, take photos, and write about everything that I’m doing to make this happen. Basically if I do this, I’ll be kept honest. Perhaps in doing so, I’ll help someone else as well. Because if I can do this, then I have no doubt that anyone can.

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