‘Dewitos’, Mountain Dew Tests a Doritos Flavored Soda at Kent State University in Ohio


A student named Steve Barnes, who posts to reddit under the moniker joes_nipples, recently uploaded a photo of a small Mountain Dew promotional taste test during which samples of “Dewitos”, a Doritos-flavored soda were being given out to students at Kent State University. According to Steve, “…it actually tasted like Doritos“. When other redditors challenged the validity of Steve’s claim, he stood his ground.

Well take it up with the Mountain Dew marketing team then lol. I highly doubt its an actual product, just something created to generate buzz..which I have helped them do I guess. …Not only is it a really weird flavor but its also funny because of the whole neckbeard joke. Maybe it is just effective advertising. …it was like a weird mix of mountain dew flavor and doritos. Like if you shoved a handful of doritos in your mouth and chugged some dew at the same time. Not that I’ve ever done that…

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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