Seafoam Palace Museum of Curiosity In Detroit Raising Funds via Kickstarter

Back in January we posted about the Seafoam Palace, a museum of curiosities that is currently under construction in Detroit. The project’s creators, including urban explorer and author Julia Solis and Laughing Squid partner John Law, are raising funds for the museum on Kickstarter. The museum is projected to open in summer 2015.

Our museum is inspired by classic cabinets of curiosity, which were collections of strange and wonderful ephemera from the fields of natural history, anatomy, mineralogy and folklore. We are working with sculptors, musicians, photographers, costumers and writers to create a wonder chamber stuffed with objects of mystery and fascination, to encourage new explorations of what these kinds of artifacts mean today.

John Law takes a look at the amazing group of people involved with Seafoam Palace.

photo via Seafoam Palace

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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