Incredible ROV Footage of Translucent Shape Shifting Deepstaria Jelly With an Unexpected Isopod Onboard

While exploring the deep waters of the South Pacific during the Baker and Howland Islands and Johnston Atoll mission, the ROV Hercules captured remarkable footage of a beautiful translucent pink deepstaria jelly (previously) with an unexpected isopod onboard. Startled by the light and movement of the ROV, the jelly grew bigger and bigger, leaving the little crustacean with no method of egress whatsoever.

This translucent Deepstaria jelly unfurled as it whorled and shapeshifted in currents created by ROV Hercules’ thrusters. Its bright red resident isopod, a relative of the pillbug, can be spotted hanging on for the ride! …The full extent of this association is unknown, but it is likely that this small crustacean consumes pieces of jelly while remaining hidden from predators.