Deep-Fried Butter On A Stick Celebrates State Fair Butter Cow Sculpture

Well, it was bound to happen, after years of fair vendor’s deep frying everything from Twinkies to Snicker candybars to this year’s surprising Kool-Aid balls, a stick of butter was the next logical step in quirky fried food fare.

It starts with an 1/8 lb. of butter, jabbing a stick into it, dipping it into a gooey cinnamon and honey batter, deep-frying it for 3 minutes and then drizzling it in a sticky sugary glaze. Iowas’s television station KCCI sent reporter Eric Hanson to taste the results and, as the video shows, they were messy to say the least.

Concessionaire Larry Fyfe, in conjunction with the Iowa State Fair, invented this deep-fried dairy delicacy to celebrate 100 years of the infamous Butter Cow, a cow figure sculpted at faire time out of 600 lbs. of pure cream Iowa butter. The life-sized metal-framed Butter Cow has been put on display for fare-goers each year since 1911. Fyfe, a veteran deep fryer master, also invented the deep-fried candy bar at the same fair back in 2001 and was up to properly honoring the Butter Cow.

via Eater