David Harbour of ‘Stranger Things’ Gives a Low Key Tour Inside His Fully Renovated Loft in New York City

In a lofty episode of the Architectural Digest series Open Door, actor David Harbour of Stranger Things offered a very low-key but highly informative tour of his fully renovated New York City apartment.

Today we take you to New York, NY to visit the home of “Stranger Things” star David Harbour. In the heart of the city but lush with houseplants and bathed in natural light, it’s the perfect place to find your center while still in the center of it all.

Harbour who was sporting a tiny man-bun, talked about the overall concept of the space while simultaneously focusing on tiny details such as the size of his foyer, his Masters of the Universe poster (“I just like the fact that a really great actor could do a film in full prosthetics that wasn’t received very well”) and the color of his stove.

He also talked about his love for the high ceilings, the wallpaper art, the giant built-in shelves, his four-faucet tub, the incredible amount of light the apartment has and his wonderful blackout shades (which sat just a little too close to a burning candle).

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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