Das Fang, Shot Glasses Shaped Like Fangs That Come With a Specially Designed Stand

David Segall and industrial designer Alex Chatham, the creators of Das Horn, are now raising money through Kickstarter to fund “Das Fang“, a set of four shot glasses that are shaped like fangs and come with a stand.

Das Fang is designed to be part of your home bar, and put on display. Design is very important to us so we spent a lot of effort getting exactly the right shape for the shot glasses, and figuring out exactly how to make a stand worthy of them. The glasses have the same timeless, and natural shape of its larger sibling, Das Horn. While Das Horn was designed by studying bovine horns, Das Fang was designed after canine fangs. The top has a lip that was designed so that the drinking experience feels right. It also serves as an easy way to hold the glasses on the stand. The shape isn’t just pretty, but actually serves a purpose: it’s a lot easier and more natural to hold.

Stand Detail

Das Fang Pouring

Das Fang

images via Das Fang

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips