‘Dark Dungeons’, A ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Movie Based on the 1984 Fundamentalist Christian Comic by Jack Chick

Dark Dungeons is a film from media companies Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and Rallsfilm based on the 1984 fundamentalist Christian tract of the same name by writer Jack Chick. In the comic, which is available in its entirety at Chick’s website, two college students find themselves tangled in a web of occult power thanks to their dabbling in playing the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

The Dark Dungeons film, which was funded via a 2013 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, is set to release Summer 2014 and stars Alyssa Kay as Debbie, Anastasia Higham as Marcie, Tracy Hyland as Mistress Frost, Trevor Cushman as Mike, and Jonathan Crimeni as Nitro.

Debbie and Marcie arrive at college unaware of the dangers of RPGing. They are soon indoctrinated into this dangerous lifestyle where they face the threat of learning real life magical powers, being invited to join a witches’ coven, and resisting the lure of Ms. Frost, a vile temptress of a GM. But what peril must the two friends face when they stumble across the Necronomicon and their fantasy game becomes a reality game?

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Rollin Bishop
Rollin Bishop